Top Buffalo Massage Therapy

Massage Therapeutic Arts
We are inspired by a vision of healing, comfort, and inner peace. Since 1996, many hands have worked together, with an abundance of heart, to create a center for healing. It is my hope that Massage Therapeutic Arts can provide you with the sanctuary in which to heal and rejuvenate.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 885-1581

Premier Massage
Your relaxation and health is first and foremost in our minds. Whether it is a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage or reflexology, you will experience a wide variety of benefits including faster healing, reduced blood pressure and improved circulation and posture.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 833-0024

Buffalo Massage Therapy Center
In keeping with the required standards of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), our mission is to develop and advance the art, science, and practice of massage therapy in a caring, professional, and ethical manner to promote the health and welfare of humanity.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 362-0299

Massage Therapy by Paul
Knowledgeable, compassionate touch to soothe your body. To calm your emotions and relieve pain. After your massage your cares will seem a little lighter...your energy, restored. And your spirit, renewed.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 881-6196

Wellness At Work
Wellness At Work's mission is to introduce and educate individuals and companies on the long term benefits of alternative health care programs, such as therapeutic massage and bodywork, meditation and movement, self-massage and natural health care products.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 626-0232