Top Houston Massage Therapy

Village Massage
We provide clients with exceptional massage therapy and soothing spa treatments in a comfortable atmosphere. It is a wonderful place to escape the stress of everyday life where you can relax and enjoy pampering body treatments.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 208-8840

Your Body Center
We integrate Yoga, Hot Yoga & Pilates in a relaxing atmosphere with highly trained staff. Along with our classes, we offer a variety of massage services specializing in more therapeutic work to help students achieve mental, spiritual and physical well being.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 874-0800

Blossom Massage
We specialize in massage therapy for pain relief and relaxation. We strive to make your experience here blissful and memorable like a small oasis in your busy life.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 880-1131

Norris of Houston offers an array of massage services to ensure that you feel your best. Everyone needs to take time to relax and heal their body due to everyday stresses. At Norris of Houston you can restore your body, mind and spirit with our customized spa treatments.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 627-0000

Through Your Body
Davidson is a Texas Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner and director of Essential Touch Therapies in Houston , Texas . Having taught massage, meditation, yoga, and human transformation since 1990, he is currently on the teaching staff at NiaMoves Studio and is a Nia White Belt teacher.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 942-0923