Top New York Massage Therapy

Graceful Services
Graceful Services specializes in massage and we offer a unique combination of traditional Chinese deep tissue massage including Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. In one hour, you get the benefits of three different types of massage enriched with the power of Qi.
Location : New York, NY
Phone : (212) 593-9904

Russian & Turkish Baths
Our New York licensed massage therapists and estheticians will pound, squeeze, unwind and de-tense muscles you didn't even know you had. If you can't take the pounding, one of the more easygoing massage experts, will more gently ease, kneed and work out your kinks.
Location : New York, NY
Phone : (212) 505-0665

Midtown Therapy & Health Care NY
Midtown Therapy & Health Care NY has been providing comprehensive care to patients in the Midtown Area for over 20 years. We specialize in hands on therapy for conditions ranging from simple stress to bodily injury using Physical Therapy, Medical Massage and Therapeutic Modalities.
Location : New York, NY
Phone : (212) 216-9060

Tribeca Spa Of Tranquility
We offer ten different types of massage. You could get a combination of acupuncture and massage or craniosacral therapy and massage.
Location : New York, NY
Phone : (212) 226-4141

West Garden
We provide our clients an elegant and tranquil environment. Our staff are trained, professional massage therapists offering many different massage techniques, such as shiatsu, swedish and spoers massage.
Location : New York, NY
Phone : (212) 244-7711